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Welcome to our Web site!  We are continuing to build in order to serve and connect with our members. For more current information and access to more resources on adult literacy, go to our blog, check out our public wiki, find us on facebook and join VALF to get access to members only resources.
A little about who we are...

Volunteers for Adult Literacy in Florida (VALF) is a nonprofit membership organization which provides training, technical assistance and grants for volunteer literacy programs.  VALF seeks to enhance and promote the abilities of individuals and organizations to provide direct and indirect literacy instruction to adults and families in need through volunteer service.  VALF seeks to spread the ability to read, write and speak the English language to be provided in all 67 counties of the state of Florida through the ser
vices of trained literacy volunteers.

A little about how to use this site...

There is a good deal of information on literacy instruction out there and VALF hopes to provide you with access to the best of the best and keep you informed of efforts and best practices statewide.  Use the navigation bar to the right of the screen to access our different pages or go to our social networking sites . 
Descriptions of our pages are provided below:

    About VALFThis is a great place to start!  The "About VALF" pages contain infor
mation about our organization.  Click among the subpages to learn about our mission and vision and our passion for advocacy,  meet our board members to find out just what great talent we have all over the state, view our Strategic Plan. Go to our blog to keep up-to-date on the latest news and tips for tutors.
    Grants: VALF loves to offer training support and financial support to volunteer groups.  Not only does VALF offer assistance and training on how to write grants, but each year, VALF awards a grant (or grants!).  Visit this page to take advantage of this opportunity!

    Membership: Support the cause!  Join our organization or donate and make a difference in the lives of students and tutors!  Join our organization and receive our new exclusive benefits.  Are you a college student or know one interested in developing skills and networking?  We offer internships and mentoring to enhance education in upcoming professionals.

   Training & Resources: VALF offers many online and face-to-face trainings and workshops!